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Wind farm SCADA

Replace your legacy SCADA system with a more efficient, high-performing and customizable OEM independent SCADA solution.

Keep all the existing functionalities while adding a new layer of modern visualization and simplified administration.

Experience a new, smart and purposeful way to monitor, control and manage your wind energy assets.


Collect and visualize all data from wind turbines in real-time and with 1-second granularity.

Maintain full control of assets and improve turbine operation usability features.

Fully customizable chronological register of all data and events from components.

Visualize, filter and manage alarms and events intuitively and apply the one data-one input philosophy.

Plot data freely with our Data Studio tool and quickly access useful and visual graphs to determine potential malfunctions.

Generate customed reports in Excel format to analyze turbine or wind farm performance.

Be automatically notified of all customizable relevant events or alarms both in the platform and on mobile/tablet devices.

Gain full access to our 24/7 preventive, semi-automated proactive and corrective maintenance service.


Asset performance optimisation

Completely custom data

Technology agnostic

Planned and efficient O&M


Plug & Play

Third-party information