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Smart Energy Control Center (SECC)

World’s first intelligent control center

Improvement in time, energy and economic-based availability

Maintenance costs optimization

Wind turbines Life Time Extension

Multi technology
 (Wind, Solar, Hydro and Storage)

AI-powered and data-reactive controls

Evolve to data-reactive wind turbine controls which combine peak computing power and the latest sensor technologies to develop state-of-the-art operational strategies.

Green Eagle’s SECC allows operators to advance from blanket solutions to smart operation strategies which integrate real-time data from CMS (Condition Monitoring Systems) to trigger curtailment processes only when necessary, maximizing turbine uptime and cutting unavailability losses.

Intelligent curtailment application

SECC’s artificial intelligence technology is capable of applying curtailments according to internal, external and local conditions such as:

This allows for the application of complex operational strategies for individual turbines within the fleet with higher fatality rates.

Adapt your assets’ operation to the industry’s digitalization and transform operator actions into system automatic protocols