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Designed for all Operational Strategies

ARSOS Robot is designed to cater your needs for different operational strategies. Whether your goal is to increase energy production, comply to environmental restrictions, extend your asset lifetime or monitor market energy prices, we are here to help.

Yield Optimization ARSOS Robot

Active role in wind operation automation based on turbine-specific performance data, operation strategies and environmental conditions in two ways:

  • Perform Start/Stop/Curtail commands to wind turbines and solar inverters under pre-defined workflow logic engine
  • Send automated notifications of underperformance and unavailability under other critical situations to Remote Control Centers (ROCs)

Restriction Compliance ARSOS Robot

Designed to comply to your regional environmental restrictions such as birds and bats control, noise levels and flickering, ensuring the maximum time availability of asset operation under regulatory constraints.


Adopt wind automation to react smartly to external environmental conditions to maximize energy production today.

Lifetime Extension ARSOS Robot

Achieve the goal of asset lifetime extension (LTE). Designed to automate wind operation work orders to optimize lifetime of any of your wind assets with the insights of defined LTE program.


Adopt wind automation to react smartly to optimize your asset lifetime today.

Energy Price Control ARSOS Robot

Look out for market price fluctuations and automate the price-dependent wind operation procedures according to the market price thresholds.


Adopt wind automation to react smartly to energy market price schemes to maximize energy production today.

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