Quality Commitment

GREEN EAGLE SOLUTIONS, S.L. is an innovative company in the renewable energy sector, specialized in the field of Monitoring, Control and Acquisition of Data (SCADA) for energy generation installations.

With this declaration, the Management of GREEN EAGLE SOLUTIONS, S.L. expresses its commitment to Quality, understood as the responsibility of all individuals who make up the organization in undertaking their professional functions. To do so, the Management of GREEN EAGLE SOLUTIONS, S.L. will provide the necessary resources and will implement adequate measures to ensure that this commitment is taken on by all personnel.

The Management of GREEN EAGLE SOLUTIONS, S.L. considers Quality to be an integral part of the business, a priority in all departments, at all times with the purpose of satisfying the expectations of our clients, employees, suppliers and other interested parties, through the excellence of the relationships established.

To realize this objective, the Management of GREEN EAGLE SOLUTIONS, S.L. states its firm intent to implement and keep up to date a Management System based on the highest quality standards, adapted to the needs of the business and adopting the methodology of Continuous Improvement.

The Management of GREEN EAGLE SOLUTIONS, S.L. is responsible for establishing and periodically reviewing Quality objectives to guarantee compliance with this Commitment, taking into account the evolution of the field, risks, and applicable regulations.

GREEN EAGLE SOLUTIONS, S.L. assumes that the differentiation of our products and services, based on teamwork in an atmosphere of Trust, Commitment, Collaboration and Innovation, and its own management style, are essential for obtaining the trust of our clients and achieving the continuity of the Company.

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