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OEM SCADA Maintenance

Maintenance & 24/7 support service for legacy SCADAs

Improve data quality and granularity

Increase cybersecurity and protect your network

Automatic communication failures detection

24/7 technical support and maintenance

Features & Workflow


  • Generate an exact copy of your OEM SCADA system in a more modern and performant server
  • Fight server obsolescence and improve hardware equipment’s performance
  • Take Snapshots and generate Backups without the need for additional software

Equipment redundancy

  • Improve availability ratio
  • Accelerate system restoration


  • Protect your system from cyber attacks
  • Avoid performance drops
  • Keep track of user access


  • Keep data history security
  • Avoid uncontrolled growth and saturation of databases
  • Automate backup generation and delivery

Maintenance service

  • Preventive: Hardware equipment monitoring and early failure detection
  • Proactive Semiautomatic: Software systems monitoring and auto-recovery before operating system alerts
  • Corrective: 24/7 support service and incident resolution


  • Real-time communications status monitoring
  • Identification of correct interlocutors for recovery


  • Critical hardware equipment availability and <48 hours delivery

SCADA systems documentation

  • Ease of maintenance transfer
  • Possibility of evolutionary developments
  • Communications and connections architecture’s schemes