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Data Gateway

Collect, interpret, normalize and deliver data coming from any OEM site server or controller and integrate them into monitoring and control platforms.

Connect new assets or components to your current OEM SCADA system or make data accessible from old assets for your new 2nd level SCADA.

FOR those who have:

  • An old asset without a SCADA system or an obsolete one with connectivity issues.
  • Interface difficulties due to old communication drivers, poor data connection or obsolete hardware.
  • New assets that need to be connected to an existing SCADA system with protocol or third-party tools issues.
  • New network reconfigurations.


Read data from any source, plant component, substation, sensor or controller with protocols such as OPC, IEC, Modbus, etc.


Connect components, controllers or third-party information sources to your monitoring and/or control system in real time and register data.


Collect, integrate and process data from any source for its use in 1st and 2nd level monitoring platforms.