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Consulting & Retrofit

Consulting and software engineering services for SCADA systems

Experienced technical team with extensive knowledge

Add new functionalities and modern interfaces

Perform analysis and generate reports automatically

Third-party tools and information integration

Retrofit works


  • Active and reactive power and voltage regulation
  • Reset turbines
  • Regulation algorithms adjustment
  • Hybrid plants control

Usability and Monitoring

  • Responsive web interfaces
  • Intelligent alerts notification (+Smartphone)
  • Plant elements integration: SET’s, meteorological station, CMS
  • Third parties integration: Spot market price, energy forecasting, Windy meteorological

Analysis and Reports

  • Business Intelligence in cloud platforms and Big Data tools
  • Integration and comparison of multiple assets portfolio
  • Data extraction for predictive maintenance tools and Life Time Extension (LTE) studies
  • Automatic custom reports generation

Communications and Security

  • Communications network reconfiguration and drivers development
  • Cybersecurity risk reduction
  • Communication failure reduction
  • Data quality and granularity improvement