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Why automation is needed in the wind industry this 2022

With the global push towards the increased use of renewable energy as a sustainable alternative, production of wind energy is growing exponentially. According to WindEurope, the total installed wind power capacity will be over 320 GW by 2030, which is more than double of the rated power in 2020. How can the industry cope with the increased demand of energy production while optimizing profitability with all the new regulations? Wind operation automation may be the answer.

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ARSOS updates

How can we report accurate and valuable data?

Nowadays, data has become the most important thing in the world. We all care about having data and the more we can have, the better. Mastering IoT, AI or any other form of technological innovation gives us privileged knowledge. In the renewable energy sector this trend has followed exactly the same path. However, there is some controversy regarding the essence of data, and it has to do with the fact that data itself is just nothing—it’s completely meaningless. Having to handle huge amounts of data usually leads to too little quality information.

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