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Autonomous Renewable Smart Operations Software

Turning all your operational insights into immediate actions. ARSOS Robot automates your high-volume repeatable tasks based on your operational insights, highly reducing incidence response time in any given situations to under seconds.

Designed for All Operational Strategies

Whether your goal is to increase energy production, comply to environmental restrictions, extend your asset lifetime or monitor market energy prices, we are here to help.

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Why Clients Choose Us

Fits in Your Existing Tech Stack

Fits in your existing SCADA tech stack with standardized APIs, integrating any 3rd party data sources from OEM systems.

HOW: Designed to be an open platform, ARSOS is able to collect data from third party data providers such as energy and weather forecasting, market prices, etc. while connecting all data gathered to your preferred ERPs and tools.

Implement Immediate Actions

Automate commands and work orders based on insights and operation strategies.

HOW: ARSOS technology runs 24/7 automated remote operations by sending commands to wind turbines and notifications to immediately upon incidences with preset threshold. This highly reduces time response upon incidences and increases time availability.

Real-time Data Integrity

Visualize real-time asset performance with immediate alarms or notifications to Remote Control Centers.


HOW: ARSOS collects and visualizes real-time relevant data such as energy market prices, birds and bats detection, CMS, ice detection, weather alerts, as well as asset performance during operations. Immediate alarms or notifications are sent to Remote Control Centers.

Short Time Return on Investment

Positive returns achieved in months instead of years from installation.


HOW: ARSOS automates asset operations upon installation, enabling your different assets or single turbines to follow alternative operational strategies. Whether your goal is to maximize energy production, or asset lifetime extension, positive ROI can be achieved in months for profitable performance of your windfarms.

Additional Services

We understand your need of an all-in-one platform for monitoring and analysis, our team also provides our monitoring and analytics modules for your operation.

Monitoring & Control Platform

Multi-technology and multi-brand system supported. Custom alerts and smart notifications through SMS, email, slack, mobile app and phone calls.

Transparent Analysis & Reporting

Full data access through multiple APIs with extensible reporting tools including PowerBI, Tableau or any other 3rd business intelligence platforms.

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