Intelligent Control

Turn data into action. Automate your ROC operations

ROC Automated Operations

Management Scalability and Asset Performance

ARSOS technology runs automated remote operations sending commands and notifications immediately upon incidences. This entails two main benefits: the capacity to increase scalability in ROC operations and to enhance energy production of renewable assets. 

External Data Driven Operations

Enrich operational strategies making your assets data-reactive

Including relevant data such as energy market prices, birds & bats detection, CMS, ice detection or weather alerts in your asset’s operations can increase their efficiency. Use this information in real-time to operate your assets automatically.

Unlimited Operational Strategies

Customize your assets’ operating goal

Automating operations allow you to introduce diverse data sources and different exploitation goals into ARSOS logic engine. Enable your different assets or even single turbines to follow alternative operational strategies to prioritizing power production or turbine lifetime extension.

Intelligent Plant Control

A cutting edge plant SCADA system

You can centralize all relevant on-site and external information into ARSOS to gain maximum control over your power plant and boost energy production.


in action!

Automation and Artificial Intelligence not only can improve your current processes but also open the door for the operational and financial strategies of the future.