Integral Monitoring

Universal and reliable data gathering platform

Plant Data Acquisition

Collect real time information and ensure data integrity

ARSOS collects data from wind farms and solar plants directly from their on-site devices: energy meters, met masts, electrical substations, etc. Gather all of your data into a single unified platform.

External Connectivity

Securely pull and share data with any third party platform

ARSOS has been designed to be an open platform able to collect data from third party data providers such as energy and weather forecasting while connecting all data gathered to your preferred ERPs and tools.

HMI Visualization

Interactive, Modern & Intuitive interfaces

The design and usability of the platform allows a comprehensive visualization of the entire portfolio. Events visualization provides a quick fleet-level view of open events & alarms, including filters to allow rapid navigation.

Automated Notifications

Structure a customized notification system

Automated Calls, Email, Slack or SMS. You can decide  through which channel and to whom alerts will  be sent. Configure  single alerts or more complex ones which take  into account different inputs. 

Task Manager

Make the task management process easier

ARSOS has different interfaces to facilitate the operator’s tasks from both  ROC and those working on-site. This feature includes calendars, the capacity to register operators shifts and to  manage accomplished and unaccomplished tasks. 


in action!

Automation and Artificial Intelligence not only can improve your current processes but also open the door for the operational and financial strategies of the future.