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2nd Level SCADA

Discover our groundbreaking 2nd level SCADA tool for asset monitoring and analysing.

Monitor your complete renewable assets portfolio with a single, complete and advanced SCADA system tool.

Green Eagle Solutions and UL, with their CompactSCADA® technology and analysing knowledge respectively, launch to market the innovative consulting monitoring platform RAMP as a result of their commercial alliance.

Manage your renewable assets with UL’s connected SaaS platform that brings the power of real-time monitoring, production KPIs, analytics, power forecasting and reporting to renewable project owners around the globe. This platform is designed to provide customized solutions to owners, O&M directors, asset managers and technicians to manage their assets through monitoring, control, advanced analytics and insights.

The tool provides users with a fully customizable interface and a ready-to-activate suite of plugin modules. It offers a mobile-friendly design, with features such as monitoring, performance analysis, event and alarm management, third party integrations such as weather alarms, TSO, PPAs, plus additional features and services on demand.