We know that every facility has different needs and that is why we like to offer solutions that suit each of them. We use our own middleware CompactSCADA to develop all our systems. Since CompactSCADA is so flexible and reliable, we are capable of adjusting our system to the requirements defined by our customer. All of our solutions are robust responsive-web-based SCADAs.


Recovery and/or migration from inhered SCADAs

Our team is highly experienced in working with former third-party systems, or even obsolete ones. It is not uncommon in this environment to eventually require carrying out either of the following activities:

  • Hardware Migration: at times, these systems are installed in very old servers and a hardware migration to more modern servers is called for.
  • Development and Integration of New Functions: upgrading an old system could become a difficult task that requires data decrypting and/or reverse engineering. Our professionals are prepared to tackle this type of challenges to provide our clients with the most suitable solutions.


Counseling when Facing a New Software Project

Achieving success in a software project highly depends on the small decisions we make at the onset of said project. Allow us to assist you in choosing the proper approach:

  • Technology: in order todecide the most convenient language for the development of a particular application, it is necessary to be fully aware of the pros and cons of each. Depending on the project, we may utilize Java, C# or any other technology, in such a way that it is perhaps not necessary to install and maintain an Oracle database
  • Platform: Windows or Linux? A choice shall be made for one or the other as required
  • Analysis and Design: we can perform a detailed analysis of your problem such that your team may continue with the development of the project

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Alejandro Cabrera
CEO, Green Eagle Solutions SL

We are proud of proving solutions adjusted to the real needs of our customers, and not just a product.