24x7 Maintenance of Third-Party SCADA Systems

Green Eagle Solutions, with over 7 years of experience in the maintenance of third-party SCADAs, offers a top-quality service that includes both preventive and corrective maintenance, with unbeatable price.

A SCADA is mainly used for monitoring a system, whether it be a wind or solar farm, etc. as well as for storing data that will be relevant for obtaining reports or statistics later. We are aware that in the majority of cases the SCADA itself also requires supervision; not forgetting the maintenance tasks that need to be carried out on it and/or the server in which it is installed.

Preventive Maintenance:

Monitoring, notification and quick troubleshooting of SCADAs, that could affect:

  • Communication protocols
  • Operative system parameters
  • General system performance
  • Specialized and auxiliar modules: such as active power regulator, historian data storage modules, alarms, etc.
  • Facility devices: monitor variable of wind turbines, solar panels, electrical substation, etc.

Green Eagle Solutions provides a top-quality solution: proactive maintenance that ensures all the critical parameters of a system are maintained within the limits established by the client. In the event the parameters fall outside the limits, the actions that are necessary to resolve the problem are carried out before any incident occurs. Working in a proactive manner provides a mechanism that reduces incidents to a minimum.

Corrective maintenance:

  • 24/7 on-call service: with experienced technicians behind the phone.
  • Customer service platform: access to our ticket system to keep track of the status of incidents.

Additional services:

Furthermore, as soon you have contracted our 24x7 Maintenance of Third-Party SCADA Systems, we will integrate our IDAM product into your system, which will not only help us with our monitoring and maintenance tasks, it will also offer the additional services listed below:

  • The programming of status reports: typical usage is receiving a daily system status report by email, at 7.00 a.m. As soon as you start the day, you will be able to check whether or not everything in the system is working properly.
  • 24-hour notification on request:  if at any moment during the day you need to check it again, you will be able to do so from any smartphone, tablet or ordinary PC with an Internet access.
  • 24-hour Alert System: we will be ready for any incident occurring in the system so we carry out efficient maintenance of the system. IDAM is in operation 24 hours a day, permanently making sure the system is functioning correctly. In the event a critical parameter is detected to have exceeded the limits, the staff in charge will receive alerts in their mobiles and/or emails. This enables us to carry out preventive maintenance tasks. Working in this manner reduces to a minimum the incidents, cost and the time spent solving them, since it offers the possibility to provide preventive solutions instead of corrective ones.

What SCADAs can this service apply to

Green Eagle's team is experienced in the maintenance and the operation of a wide variety of SCADAs: Nordex Control I, Wizcon, Geswind, WinCC, CER, CITECT, VESTAS ONLINE, OpenSCADA and we also analyze any other third party non-commercial SCADAs.