24/7 SCADA Operation Service

This service takes our 24×7 Maintenance of Third-Party SCADA Systems into the next level and it is the result of years of R&D by a group of engineers experienced in Renewable Energy oriented SCADAs.

Our 24/7 SCADA Operator Service consists of connecting to the manufacturer’s SCADA and semi-automatically perform the defined operation protocol while notifying relevant alarms or errors via SMS, email or VoIP to operators, clients and ourselves

Service advantages

  • REAL increase of both production and availability
  • Minimize cost of on-call service comparing with any other traditional on-call service
  • Quickest response time, < 1 minute
  • Minimize human errors
  • Generate useful operation reports
  • Wind turbine status notifications, our customers and operators receive notifications via SMS, email or VoIP
  • Quality guarantee
  • Available 24/7

What is included in our 24/7 SCADA Operation Service?

On-call expert service

Available 24×7 to address any anomally

Virtual Operator Module

This is a light application that connects to the manufacturer SCADA and performs the defined operation protocol


Light application that notifies all kind of events, alarms and errors, via SMS email or VoIP

How it works

  • The customer defines the operation protocol
  • Green Eagle’s team takes care of everything else

How the operation protocol is defined

Green Eagle’s commitment is to always provide the best solution for each of our customers. All our customers are different and therefore so are our solutions. The protocol is normally defined according to each state of the turbine, for example:

  • Define a status to monitor: e.g. error “high temperature”
  • When should we operate: we can defined specific parameters such as wind speed, error states, alarms, temperatures, productions, etc
  • How long should we wait before acting: , e.g. wait 30mins before acting
  • Action defined for this state: e.g. send start turbine command if temperature below 35º (95 ºF) and wind speed > 15 m/s
  • Maximum number of tries: e.g. reset the turbine maximum of three times if the state or error persists
  • Waiting time between operations: e.g. 5 minutes.
  • States and Operations Notification: via email, SMS, or phone call

What SCADAs can this service apply to

Green Eagle’s team is experienced in the maintenance and the operation of a wide variety of SCADAs: Nordex Control I, Wizcon, Geswind, WinCC, CER, VESTAS ONLINE, OpenSCADA and we also analyze any other third party non-commercial SCADAs.

Contact us:

Alejandro Cabrera
CEO, Green Eagle Solutions SL

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