Advanced semi-automated 24/7 operation service for MADE WTGs

  • Description

    Our SCADA 24/7 Operation Service consists of connecting to the manufacturer’s SCADA and automatically perform the defined operation protocol while notifying relevant alarms or errors via SMS, email or VoIP.

    The service was integrated in December 2013 (eight months ago) and since then it has being following the protocol with no incidents reported. The protocol was defined by the customer and is adapted to the WTG model.

    The facility where this service is integrated has 12 Made AE-52 WTGs.

    Some results: 

    • REAL increase of both production and availability
    • Minimization of cost of on-call service comparing with any other traditional on-call service
    • Quickest response time, < 1 minute
    • Minimization of human errors
    • Generated useful monthly operation reports
    • Wind turbine status notifications, thanks IDAM our customers and operators receive notifications via SMS, email or VoIP

    What SCADAs can this service apply to

    Green Eagle’s team is experienced in the maintenance and the operation of a wide variety of SCADAs: MADE Geswind, Gamesa SGIPE and WindNet, Nordex Control I, Wizcon, WinCC, CER, OpenSCADA and we also analyze any other third party non-commercial SCADAs.

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  • Details

    Client:Elecdey SA