Maintenance and support of third party SCADAs

  • SCADA OpEn, SFA and CER, of Isotrol S.A.
  • SCADA Geswind and CCCOM of MADE
  • SCADA Mita-Teknik, of NORDEX
  • SCADA Wizcon

Software development:

  • Development of Gateways with the following communications protocols: IEC 101 and 104, OPC , Modbus , web service data, etc.
  • Development of tailored-made SCADAs .
  • Development of tools for automatic code generation .
  • Development of reports based managers adapted to third-party SCADAs .
  • Development of modules to support third-party control systems .

Reverse engineering

  • Functional study of CER Control System of Isotrol SA.
  • Functional study of MITA Control System Teknik and NORDEX CONTROL I, Nordex.
  • Decryption of historical MITA Teknik SCADA for the further development of modern report tool.

Hardware Migration:

Migración Hardware de Sistemas de Control
  • Traspaso de Sistemas de Control de terceros a nuevos servidores.

Communication Protocols:

  • Design and implementation of communication protocols OPC, DNP3, Modbus, IEC 60870-5-101 and IEC 60870-5-104.
  • Integration with Endesa PPEE CECRE REE.
  • Participation in SCADA integration projects Isotrol CER SA representative offices in the SCADA Simatic Siemens Sicam PAS.
  • Implementation proprietary protocol designed by Enel Green Power for communication between SCADA and ARPs (PLCs designed for acquiring signals studies turbines).

System Validation:

Servicio de Validación de Sistemas de Green Eagle Solutions
  • Automation test web interfaces and desktop applications.
  • Development of simulators behavior of a wind turbine
  • Study of new tools to improve the validation process