The best technology with tools to boost the efficiency and improve management in wind farms and solar plants. The new SCADA standard for renewable energy facilities


CompactSCADA® is a system from the SCADA family, but developed with completely new and modern technology by Green Eagle Solutions, a company committed to the development of renewable energy and therefore dedicates all of its experience into the development of control systems in this sector. CompactSCADA® currently monitors over 65 installations with over 1000MW of power installed, each day improving the profitability of wind farms and solar plants.


CompactSCADA® improves the monitoring, control and management of renewable energy plants. It allows the integration of all sources of information available, processing all signals gathered and offering analysis tools that improve operation and maintenance. All data is gathered and processed in accordance with the business model, providing new tools that improves the management of renewable energy facilities. CompactSCADA® centralizes all the supervision, control and analysis on one single platform that can be accessed from any device with Internet access. Each user can have specific, customised information, allowing optimal decisions to be made and increasing the productivity of the organisation.



CompactSCADA connects different sources of information, which may be physical devices such as sensors, data loggers, wind turbines, solar panels or electrical substations; and also external agents such as market prices for energy and weather forecasts.



The information collected is processed based on business logic, adding intelligent components from CompactSCADA for the automatic operation of the plant, for the regulation of powers, generation of alerts and storage of significant events.



CompactSCADA has responsive interfaces that facilitate the exploitation of data through graphical analysis in real time, maps, and performance reports. Furthermore, it facilitates expansion with new interfaces adapted to all kinds of mobile devices.

How does CompactSCADA work?

a typical distributed architecture with outstanding results


Implementation options


The implementation of CompactSCADA® Local is generally focused on retrofitting legacy SCADA systems. For example, in wind farms CompactSCADA® is mainly used to add extra functionalities to the OEM’s SCADA:

  • Monitor and control: from intuitive, modern interfaces adapted to all kinds of devices
  • Increase of production: we can increase the production of the plant with our module with Virtual Operator through automatic operation of the wind turbines and other devices of the plant.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs: With Virtual Operator we can also reduce operating costs because it is possible to carry out automatic operation of the wind turbines and other installations of the plant.
  • Notification of events and alerts: although it supports the sending of notifications through traditional SMS and email messages, CompactSCADA takes full advantage of the potential of notifications through the mobile app.

CompactSCADA® en Central Energy Control is a portfolio management system:

  • Integrate all kind of plants: such as wind farms, solar plants, hydroelectric power plants and electrical substations.
  • Centralize and monitor: your facilities on real time
  • Event management: notify alerts through email, SMS and via app mobile
  • Historian data analysis: production, profit, power factor, regulation accomplished
  • Scalable system: monthly payments adjusted to your power capacity and features

CompactSCADA® natively supports communication over OPC-DA and APIs REST and WCF (Windows Communication Foundation. Besides from this protocols, CompactSCADA offers a wide range of multi protocols including the standards Modbus and IEC104. Green Eagle’s team continue to develop and integrate new protocols as they are needed.

Once the gateway is integrated, as much documentation and support as is needed so the customers are able to reconfigure and expand the gateway.

CompactSCADA compatibility


  • Wind Sector: MADE Geswind, SGIPE and WindNet SCADAs from GAMESA, Nordex Control I, CER, OpenSCADA, Argos and Arade from Ecotecnia (Alstom)
  • Solar Sector: compatible with the majority of inverter models from Kaco, GreenPower, Xantrex, Bonfiglioli, SMA, Siel, Socomec, PowerOne (ABB), Aros, Chint, SolarMax
  • Commercial SCADAs: Visu+, Wizcon, WinCC
  • Other: Analysis and study is required when they do not have standard communication protocols such as: OPC, Modbus or IEC104