Green Eagle Solutions centralises the legacy SCADA maintenance and support department

Green Eagle Solutions, a supplier of software solutions for renewable energy facilities, has opened an office in Seville to centralise the legacy SCADA maintenance and support department. Leading the department is Juan Jesús Salas Rivero, who coordinates maintenance work on the oldest SCADAs and provides support to those who have implemented CompactSCADA® Local Energy Control …

September 30, 2016

Vestas strengthens its position in Spain with its new control center developed CompactSCADA® Green Eagle Technology Solutions

Last week, Vestas finished the migration of its old system to a new control centre that acts as a delegate office, successfully passing the Spanish Electricity Network certification tests. From now, the new control centre, developed with CompactSCADA® Central Energy Control technology from Green Eagle Solutions, combines the wind energy installations attached to the office …

August 5, 2016

Green Eagle participates in Genera 2015

Green Eagle Solutions partipated in Genera2015, the energy and environmental fair trade that took place in Madrid in Febrary 24-27th.  The team was very excited to attend to this event that provided a valuable opportunity to bring together the key stakeholders from across the energy sector, and those who interact with the energy sector to discuss …

April 2, 2015

Successful Completion of OPC-RESTful Server Development for RWE

In February, 2013, Green Eagle and RWE initiated partnering in the development of an OPC-specific communications gateway. The OPC-RESTful Server is an application developed by Green Eagle Solutions to be employed as a communications gateway. It integrates OPC Data Access Server communication protocols 1.0a, 2.00, 2.05a and 3.0 while on the other hand, offers a …

July 2, 2013